Mako Marine Wet Exhaust Hose
  • Mako Marine Wet Exhaust Hose

    Specifically Designed For The Marine Industry.


    For conveying wet exhaust fumes. Lloyds approved. Light weight corrugated construction gives excellent flexibility. Lloyds no. 08/1006 (E2)


    Cover: Corrugated cover. Black with blue stripe. Sythetic (corrugated finish). Ozone and oil resistant and flame resistant.


    Reinforcement: High tensile textile cords with embedded steel helix wires.


    Tube: NBR blend handles 40% aromatics.


    Temperature Range: -20 Degrees to 121 Degrees.


    Working Pressure: 5 Bar 3:1 safety factor.



    Exhaust Hoses


    Your exhaust system is constantly subjected to massive changes in temperature. This is particularly true of wet-exhaust systems, where water is used to cool the hot gases from your engine. We recommend rubber or silicone hoses for exhaust systems, because of their durability, flexibility, and strength.  

    Vibrations from the running engine can shake the clamps holding the various pieces of hose together. While exhaust hose is reasonably flexible, each separate connection represents a potential weak point in the system. We recommend that you use good quality stainless steel clamps. These are corrosion resistant and may actually last longer than the hoses they're holding together. 


    The best advice we can offer anyone fitting an exhaust hose system is to fit the best quality hose you can afford and inspect it regularly. Having your hose burst or split is not only inconvenient but dangerous too. Carbon monoxide poisoning or fire can result-a high price to pay for something relatively cheap to do right.


    For all enquiries; please contact us using the chat below or calling the shop with your wet exhaust hose requirements.

    • Product Information

      • We sell all wet exhaust by the metre only. 
      • We have a wide range of wet exahust sizes from 19mm to 102mm.
      • Please note; sizes between 114mm to 300mm are speciality orders only and freight will be charged accordingly.