Johnson Impeller 09-810B-1
  • Johnson Impeller 09-810B-1

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    Johnson Impeller 09-810B-1

    An impeller is one of the most common boat engine parts that we supply and install. An impeller is a rotating component equipped with vanes or blades used in turbo machinery (e. g. centrifugal pumps). 


    Impeller kit contains:

    2 x gasket

    1 x o-ring

    1 x impeller lubricant


    (A) Impeller Diameter: 51mm

    (B) Impeller Blade Depth: 22mm

    (C) Shaft Diameter: 12mm


    Number of Blades = 6

    Shaft Type = 1

    Impeller Material = MC97 Compound


    Replaces Jabsco Impeller 653-0001

    Replaces Yanmar Impeller 128397-42200

    This is a JMP Marine Impeller 7050 - 01.


    Most common uses

    Jabsco Impeller: 

    653-0001, 18653-0001

    Kohler Impeller:


    Kohler Models: 

    3.5 EFOZ; Kohler 4 EOZ

    Kohler Pump: 



    207-05355, 10-38hp BETA Marine engines


    SP11110150 50209011

    Nanni Diesel: 

    QMF-6M, Nanni impeller 970434013


    NANNI 2.45 ECO,   2.50 SE, 2.60 SE, 3.75 SE, 3.90 H,


    NANNI N 2.10 , N 2.14 N 3.21

    Onan Model: 


    Fischer Panda 

    8KW / mini /12.0 Kw - Fischer Panda Impeller

    Vetus Impeller: 

    STM8076 STM 8076 IMP00801

    Vetus Models: 

    M2, M3 & M4

    Yanmar Impeller: 

    128990-42200, 128397-42200, 128990-42570

    Yanmar Engines:

    2/3YM, 2/3 GM

    Johnson Pumps:



    We have been using Johnson SPX impellers for over 5 years and have found the quality of rubber outweighs alot of other brands on the market at a very competitive price. We believe in using the best products for your marine vessel to ensure you have a great time on the water.

    We recommend changing your impeller every 250 hours and overhauling your raw water pump every 500 hours. We can do this at our shop in Industrial Avenue, just bring your pump in.


    Common questions=  

    What happens if you have a bad impeller?

    With a bad impeller, water can't be pumped internally and this will overheat the engine.