Diesel Biocide Fuel Treatment

Diesel Biocide Fuel Treatment

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Prevention is better than the cure.. and cheaper...


This comes in 1L bottles only with easy squeeze pour.

This product will treat double the amount of any other product on the market. 

AC82 is intended for use in applications such as storage tanks, diesel trucks, marine diesel fuel tanks, farm equipment and diesel generators.

AC82 is excellent with all forms of diesel and biodiesel.

It has been formulated to treat more forms of algae and bacteria than any other brand!

AC82 prevents internal corrosion from microbial fouling and does not cause foaming.

With its clear colour this will not distort your fuel bowls, making sure that you know exactly what is happening within your fuel tanks.



Maintenance dose - 1L per 2,000 Litres of diesel for maintaining purposes

Contamination dose - 1L per 1,000 Litres of diesel in the event of contamination!