Anode Zinc- Engine

Anode Zinc- Engine

Many marine engines are fitted with internal zinc anodes to protect the metals of heat exchangers, coolers and casings from electrolytic corrosion.

Please see below the measurements of each Anode Pencil.



SKU: AP1/2 = Zinc Anode Diesel Universal

Length: 63mm

Exposed Length: 50mm

Thread: 7/16" BSW

Diameter: 16mm


SKU: AP3/4 = Zinc Anode Detroit/GM Engine 

Length: 67mm

Exposed Length: 51mm

Thread: 1/2" UNC

Diameter: 19mm


SKU: AP3/8 = Zinc Anode Diesel Universal

Length: 62mm

Exposed Length: 52mm

Thread: 3/8" UNC

Diameter: 13mm


SKU: AP1/4  = Zinc Anode Diesel Universal

Length: 52mm

Exposed Length: 44mm

Thread: 5/16" UNC

Diameter: 10mm


SKU: APLONG = Zinc Anode Diesel GM Engines

Length: 81mm

Thread: 5/8" UNC

Diameter: 19mm


SKU: APSHORT = Zinc Anode Diesel Cat. Engines

Length: 20mm

Thread: 5/8" UNC

Diameter: 22mm


SKU: 191151 = Zinc Anode Pencil Yanmar 

Replaces Genuine Part Number: 27210-200300

Length: 41mm

Exposed Length: 30mm

Thread: Zn Plated Steel M8-C

Diameter: 20mm


SKU: 191150 = Zinc Anode Pencil Yanmar 

Replaces Genuine Part Number: 27200-400400

Length: 65mm

Exposed Length: -

Thread: M10C

Diameter: 40mm