500 series Fuel Filter Element 10 Micron

500 series Fuel Filter Element 10 Micron

SKU: 500-10

Racor 500 series diesel boat engine fuel filter element 10 Micron

  • Racor filters effectively remove water from your fuel before it gets into your engine. 

  • Each element comes complete with a new Filter Top to Element Housing gasket plus new T-Handle O-Ring

  • All Racor elements feature MICROBLOC Multi-grade Filtration Media.

  • Colour coded for easy identification

  • 500 series Fuel Filter Element

  • SKU: 102

  • 10 micron 


Most common uses

Applications may include:

  • All marine vessels (depending on your size of fuel tank you may want to increase to the Racor 900 or 1000 series to provide better fuel flow rate)

  • Generators

  • Excavators.

  • Any diesel applications


Simply the Racor filters and filtration units are a reliable product for all diesel marine vessels. They are simple to replace and will easily tell you if you have any issues with your diesel fuel. 



10 reasons to buy a Racor fuel filter for your boat engine?


1. Separate Water up to 99.8%

Water is the No. 1 enemy of your engine! Water turns into steam in your engine and destroys your engine

components by causing rust. Water is continually condensing inside your fuel tank making it very difficult to

keep water out of your fuel. 


Racor filters effectively remove water from your fuel before it gets into your engine. 


2. Remove Damaging Contaminants, Better Cleaning Efficiency

Even small, nearly invisible particles will damage carburettors, injectors and pumps and reduce fuel

efficiency. You add millions of tiny contaminants to your fuel system every time you add fuel. Racor filters

protect your engine from solid contaminants down to 2 micro sizes.


3. High Capacity

Racor microbloc multigrade media provides multi-layered filteration, the corrugated surface area provides

more dirt holding capacity.


4. Longer Filter Life

Racor  filters don't need replacement as often as “will-fit” filter cartridges. Racor’s filteration efficiency is up

to 10 times greater than conventional media.


5. Enhance Engine Power

Racor  filters enhance engine performance and reliability. You will feel your engine is more powerful and

smoother after you install Racor filters & this can help improve engine life.


6. Strong Support

All the Racor elements are supported by high quality metal clamps and a better designed spiral centre-tube for better durability when used in a boat.


7. Environment Friendly

Clean fuel means cleaner exhaust. Racor filters reduce exhaust pollution more effectively than other similar



8. Easy to Replace

All Racor replacement service elements meet OEM specifications and are easy to replace without special



9. Reduce Fuel Consumption

People will spend time and energy negotiating a discount on the purchase of their diesel powered equipment, but then waste money by failing to ensure their engines operate efficiently. Racor filters purify your fuel, boosting fuel efficiency and prolonging engine life.


10. Most Efficient and Cost-Effective Choice

Racor Microbloc Multigrade Media is the leading filteration solution through research, science & technology:

not marketing and advertising. Racor is offering the newest and the most advanced technology for a competitive price compared with “will-fit” products. Racor is simply the most efficient and cost-effective choice.