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Boat repairs

Cap Coast Marine and Mechanical is a local boat repair company in Queensland that can provide a wide range of repair services for any type of boat. We can repair boats from any location in Australia & we have a number of owners who transport their boats to us.

Experienced boat repairer

Josh has more than 18 years of experience working on automotive and marine vessels in Australia for private and commercial craft.


Cap Coast Marine & Mechanical has all the specialist equipment, tools, and knowledge to assist in repairing your boat cost-effectively & with high-quality workmanship using only the best parts that meet Australian standards. Our work has been recognised by many leading marinas, evidenced by our status as the;


  • Yanmar Marine Engine Authorised Dealer for Central Queensland

  • Volvo Penta Yepoon Authorised Dealer

  • Authorised Trade for Keppel Bay Marina.


As an inboard marine engine specialist, over the years we have helped repair Yanmar diesel engines, Volvo Penta marine engines and Cummins boat engines in a mix of models and boat types.

Cap Coast Marine and Electrical in Yeppo

Types of boat repairs we provide

The Cap Coast Marine and Mechanical boat workshop in Yeppoon can offer a wide range of repair or preventative maintenance services which can include things like;


  • Electric 12v system re-wiring or repairing components

  • Diesel fuel system repairs

  • New boat engine installations and fitment

  • Boat engine overhaul and re-builds

  • Repairs to stern drive & shaft

  • Generator repairs

  • Heat exchanger and after cooler repairs

  • Diesel maintenance for removal &/or fuel polishing

  • Raw water pump repairs 

  • Hydraulic steering adjustment or repairs

  • Mixer elbow and exhaust riser

  • Repairs for engine internals like the head gasket, pistons or rings

  • Stern drive repair

  • Prop &/or shaft repairs


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