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Boat engine repowering

Cap Coast Marine and Mechanical is a local company in Queensland that can repower your boat engine. We can offer our boat repowering service for any brand of engine & boat although we generally recommend Yanmar Diesel and Volvo Penta as our preferred brands. We always focus on using the most reliable and trusted brands in the marine industry to ensure you get many hours of usage.

We can remove your boat engine either by moving the vessel onto a hardstand in a boatyard or using a crane to lift the engine out whilst the vessel remains in the water. Our engine fitment service for your new engine will vary depending on the new engine layout design and the manufacturer designated areas for engine mounts.

We have our own purpose-built workshop that provides a wide range of regular maintenance services for any type or brand of boat. We can service boats from any location in Australia & we have a number of owners who transport their boats to us from places like Port Douglas, Airlie Beach & Hamilton Island, and Noosa. 

Experienced boat engine repowering company

With nearly 20 years of experience, Josh established Cap Coast Marina and Mechanical in 2016 and he has spent most of his life servicing automotive and marine equipment in Australia. Josh is an extremely experienced marine craft mechanic that has a reputation for being very detailed in the work he carries out for either private or commercial vessels. He has helped many owners get their boats repowered over the years.


Cap Coast Marine and Mechanical is;

  • The Yanmar Authorised dealer for Central Queensland 

  • The Yeppoon Volvo Penta dealer

  • The authorised trade for Keppel Bay Marina

  • Stockists for Rocna and Vulcan anchors

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Why repower your boat?

Installing a new engine in your boat will give it a fresh lease of life. All the new engines are technologically advanced and can help improve acceleration, power, and responsiveness. A new boat engine can also help you reduce your running costs and increase your uptime on the water. You can also save money with better fuel efficiency while reducing the environmental impact vs older engines designed 10 or more years ago.


There are some added benefits when it comes to using the latest electronics, controls, and diagnostics with new boat engines being able to connect to things like multi-function displays or servicing equipment. It all just means you end up with a more enjoyable boat ownership experience that costs less, gives you more time on the water & reduced maintenance bills over the long term.

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How to choose a boat engine repowering installer?

For every boat owner choosing which company to use for getting your boat engine repowered is one of the hardest things to figure out. It is important to remember two key things;


  1. Select the correct engine for your boat

  2. Choosing an experienced and qualified installer.


Don’t be fooled by a boat engine service company that says they can do everything because they may not actually have the right level of expertise or skill to actually deliver the right outcome. We have seen over the years too many examples where engines weren’t installed correctly because the installer took shortcuts or the owner decided to choose the cheapest option without doing their due diligence.


Here are some tips to help you decide;

  • Try to select an installer who has inspected your vessel. This can mean there are no hidden surprises for you & them. It also means they won’t be guessing at an estimated cost and can be more accurate in the work required.


  • If you can’t have it inspected make sure the installer has worked with that exact model or engine and boat model.


  • Take note of how many questions the boat engine installer asks you about your boat and how you typically operate it. This will help determine if they even realise if you are getting the right engine for the task or not.


  • See if they have repowered vessels and/or completed projects that are of a similar scale or type


  • Do they have reviews or written references that you can see which are legitimate, real and from other boat owners?


  • Make sure you get a detailed quotation and a full breakdown of costs. On occasion, certain costs may be difficult to define upfront, although these should be discussed in detail before work commences.

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